Art by Alexander Vasiljev, Copyright © 2015

Friday, September 23, 2016


I acquired this Neofinetia falcata 'Gojo Fukurin' 御城覆輪 as a single growth last August. Year later, it started to produce new growths, three of them at the same time. While two of the three growth are starting to show mutation, but still unclear. One of the growth has shown a definite mutation, where instead of its regular marginal cream color stripes known as FUKURIN, it is developing NAKAFU or center stripe.

Although, 'Gojo Fukurin' 御城覆輪 is known to mutate into other striping patterns, nonetheless, it is fun to observe it first hand. It is especially exciting to see new developing leaves on these mutated growths and discover what they will grow into in the near future. To be continued ...

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Off season, my Cymbidium goerengii 'Setsuzan' 雪山 is in bloom! First flower is open, two more are getting ready.

I acquired this orchid last August. It originates from Kumamoto Prefecture in the central part of Kyushu island, Japan, The plant came with three matured growths and nice healthy roots. Here is the photo of the potted plant then.

A year later, 'Setsuzan' or 'Snow Mountain' is in bloom. It has been growing quite nicely and developed multiple growths and more compact leaves. The leaf length changed due to better light. Keeping it outdoors has been quite beneficial. 

The flower emits a peasant aroma reminiscent of a Cyclamen. The fragrance is stronger in the morning and can be sensed around the plant. 

The leaves are beautiful on their own, dressed with a thin white border, beautifully harmonizing with the orchid's green and white flowers.

I grow my SHUNRAN in a mixture of Akadama (baked Japanese clay) and Kanuma soils. This acidic and well draining mixture assures healthy white roots. I fertilize with Super Biogold pellets placed on the substrate and with occasional Super Biogold foliar spray.

With night temperatures gradually getting cooler, I am looking forward to seeing how this SHUNRAN will respond to a Florida winter chill and how it will effect the quality of its flowers. Cymbidium goerengii 'Setsuzan' 雪山 is known for requiring less chill time to bloom successfully.